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Paul Wilkinson (België)

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Dr Paul Wilkinson: All roads lead to Rome

ON MARCH 29, 2013 I was working with my team of archaeologists on the site of Durolevum, the ancient Roman small town of which Faversham is its successor. I was troweling away in the entrance to a small shop owned by a Roman shopkeeper called ...


Evangelicals embrace Bible apps

by Paul Wilkinson. Posted: 17 Apr 2014 @ 12:34. EVANGELICAL Christians are embracing smart technology to keep up their daily Bible-reading schedules, a new report suggests. A third of those questioned for the Evangelical Alliance's research report Time ...


Community gets behind fundraising efforts for crash family

The children's father Paul Wilkinson has flown to Brisbane's Mater Children's Hospital, where Ms Wilkinson and her three children are recovering. The accident happened while the young family was in the city visiting relatives. A remarkable $6580 has ...


Easington United look to kick on at Bentley Colliery after clinching first win ...

Easington (from): Charlie Dixon, Adam Jamieson, Anthony Barnett, Jordan Hart, Sam McLaughlin, Lewis Andrew, Jamie Cousins, Paul Wilkinson, Stefan Radley, Luke Nettleship, Paul Morrill, Chris Frost, Callum Meanwell, Danny Blount, Andy Graham, Craig ...


Whitnash continue their cup magic

Whitnash's midfield three of Mike Ellis, Luke Cole and Paul Wilkinson were starting to control the game and AEI changed their shape halfway through second half to match this. With five minutes of the half remaining Wilkinson found space on the right ...


Smile all it takes to boost spirits as Abi opens her eyes

Father and husband Paul Wilkinson is staying at Ronald McDonald House along with Tobi and James. James broke his arm and has some bruising, while Tobi suffered a compound fracture to her hip, a concussion and serious bruising. She will remain at the ...


Foodex delivers goods for food and drink firms

Paul Wilkinson, business development manager at automation specialist Pacepacker Services, which launched a new pick and place robot portfolio at the event, said it had attracted significant interest. “We've been integrating robots for pick and place ...


Charities unite to combat spread of Ebola virus

AT LEAST one faith-based charity has joined the fight to contain an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in the West African states of Guinea, Liberia, Mali, and Sierra Leone. The Evangelical relief organisation Samaritan's Purse, based in the United ...


Dispute over VC headstone

A STONEMASON, Daniel Mooney, who traced the lost grave of his town's only holder of the Victoria Cross has been told that he must remove the "unlawful" headstone that he erected to mark the burial site. But Mr Mooney says that he has permission to ...


On the Edge: Mason Porter

“Progressive acoustic folk” is how Joe D'Amico, mandolin player/guitarist/vocalist for Mason Porter, describes the current scene, as well as the sound of his trio. Rounded out by Tim Celfo on bass and vocals and Paul Wilkinson on guitar and vocals ...



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Foto Naam Plaats  
Paul Wilkinson Merseyside  
Paul Wilkinson Lincolnshire  
Paul Wilkinson Halifax, UK  
Paul Wilkinson Juniper Green, UK  
Paul Wilkinson Saint Albans  
Paul Wilkinson East Melbourne, Australia  
Paul Wilkinson Leeds, UK  
Paul Wilkinson Pasadena, CA  
Paul Wilkinson Orlando, FL  
Paul Wilkinson Unnamed Location  

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Paul Wilkinson Paul Wilkinson Photography 640 Haddenham, UK  
paul_wilkinson deferres 20  
Paul Wilkinson Paul Wilkinson1 11  
Paul Wilkinson silverfleet15 0  
Paul Wilkinson Paul_W2007 0  
Paul Wilkinson paulwilkinson 0  
Paul Wilkinson Paul Wilkinson 0 Sidcup, kent  


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Paul J. Wilkinson RAMONA, CA  
paul wilkinson Peoria, Illinois  
Paul Wilkinson  
paul wilkinson  
Morgan Paulette Wilkinson  
Paul Wilkinson  
Paul Wilkinson  
Paul Wilkinson  
Paula Wilkinson  
Paula Wilkinson  


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