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Mick Jagger (België)

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Foto Naam Plaats  
Mick Jagger México  
I'm not Mick Jagger Washington, DC  
Mick Jagger Dewsbury, UK  
Mick Jagger Valencia, España  
Mick Jagger Pahang  
Geeyou mick jagger Seoul,Korea  
Mick Jagger Olsztyn, Polska  
Mick Jagger New York, NY  
Mick Jagger Carrollton, TX  
Mick Jagger Si Racha, Changwat Chon Buri  


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Fossiel vernoemd naar Mick Jagger

WINSTON-SALEM (ANP) - Rolling Stoneszanger Mick Jagger heeft de twijfelachtige eer dat er een fossiel naar hem is vernoemd. Toch is het geen belediging: het nijlpaardachtige dier dat 19 miljoen jaar geleden in Afrika leefde, had grote lippen, net als ...


Harry Styles en Mick Jagger zijn beste maatjes

Het lijkt een onmogelijke match, de ruige Stone en het 1D-tieneridool, maar toch zijn Mick Jagger (71) en Harry Styles (20) naar verluidt beste maatjes. "Harry liet Mick weten dat hij een grote fan is van hem maar had nooit verwacht dat die daar op zou ...


Never Mind the Buzzcocks talks Mick Jagger... and it gets dirty

Talk turns to touring with Mick Jagger in this Never Mind the Buzzcocks clip, and in true Buzzcocks style things get dirty, quickly. As The 1975's Matt Healy is questioned about his time supporting The Rolling Stones, prepare for bad impressions, ...


Amal Alamuddin Channels Bianca Jagger

Clad in a cream trouser suit and matching, floppy-brimmed hat by Stella McCartney, the bride evoked more than a striking resemblance to Bianca Jagger at her San Tropez wedding to Mick Jagger in 1971. Bianca chose Yves Saint Laurent to design her ...


Prehistoric hippo named after Mick Jagger

The recently discovered species, now known as Jaggermeryx naida (meaning "Jagger's water nymph"), lived in Africa 19 million years ago, during a period known as the Miocene. It belongs to a family of extinct hoofed beasts called Anthracotheriidae ...


Mick Jagger is joined by former wife Jerry Hall at the screening of his James ...

They had a less than amicable split in 1999 after Mick fathered a child from an extra-marital affair. But Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger once again proved they have managed to remain on friendly terms as the former model turned up at the screening of his ...


Marianne Faithfull says she has no regrets cheating on Mick Jagger with Keith ...

Faithfull, who was once found naked wrapped only in a fur rug during a drugs raid, said she learned “an awful lot” about music from Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Richards, 70, has previously admitted that he bedded Marianne in revenge after Mick ...


David Bowie Kept A 'Pit Of Sin' For Orgies That Included Mick Jagger ...

David Bowie once kept a four-foot-deep, fur-covered bed nicknamed “the pit” for orgies in his London living room – and his friend Mick Jagger took part, claims an explosive new biography of the gender-bender rock star. According to the new issue of The ...


Ancient swamp creature sported 'Mick Jagger' lips

Joan Rivers once said Mick Jagger's lips are so big he could French-kiss a moose, and now the Rolling Stones frontman's lips have inspired the name of an ancient swamp creature that probably also had a set of huge smackers. Researchers named the ...


Mick Jagger has 19-million-year-old species of 'long-legged pig' named after him

The extinct anthracotheres, discovered in remote Egypt, was dubbed Jaggermeryx naida — Jagger's water nymph. 41 comments. Mick Jagger. Does this 19-million-year-old species of long-legged pig really look like Mick Jagger? Photograph: Paul White/AP.



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