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Janet Jackson (België)

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Janet Jackson live

Voor niks de hele week op zitten wachten... Geen hints op een rentevehoging (en EUR/USD daalt wat)! Bier, chips, de volledige tekst en een koersenbak: vink! Let op de indices, rentes, valuta en goud. Volg hier zo de keynote speech van Janet Yellen op ...


Why Janet Jackson Is a Deserving Gay Icon

In the echelon of pop divas, few rank higher than Janet Damita Jo Jackson. And as a gay icon, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone with her multi-platinum track record of LGBT support. Yet, for some reason, when lumping together the great ladies in our ...


Janet Jackson: Still Not Forgiven For 'Wardrobe Malfunction'

It's been 10 years since the controversy around the performance erupted, but it seems that Janet Jackson's “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show might have put her on the National Football League's (NFL) blacklist for a lifetime.


Jermaine Jackson Thinks The NFL Should Lift Ban Off Janet Jackson Post Super ...

(Photo : Frank Micelotta/Getty Images) Singers Janet Jackson and surprise guest Justin Timberlake perform during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXVIII between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers at Reliant Stadium on February 1, 2004 ...


Nicki Minaj's Wardrobe Malfunction: 10 Worst Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas; Janet ...

Most celebrities attend public events in sexy dresses to grab attention but many get embarrassment instead. Singer Nicki Minaj also suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at the 31st annual MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday and she is not shying ...


Janet Jackson Addresses New Album Report

As rumors swirl, the singer tweets, "If there is a new project, you'll hear it from my lips." Janet Jackson 2013 P. Associated Press. More than six years after her last record (Discipline), Janet Jackson is reportedly back in the studio at work on new ...


The 7 Most Unexpected Times Janet Jackson Made Us Worship Her

Like a moth to the flame, burned by the J.Lo, our love for Janet Damita Jo Jackson is blind, can't you see our desire? In anticipation of her new album, we decided to delve deep into Baby Miss Jackson Privacy Control's video vault. But since her ...


Listen to Lowkeys' remix of Janet Jackson's 'I Get Lonely'

Venturing through Janet Jackson's late-90s catalog, Lowkeys introduces his remix of the 1998 hit 'I Get Lonely'. Turning up the pitch of the original, which was the 18th consecutive Billboard Hot 100 top ten hit; a record among female artists, Lowkeys ...


Janet Jackson to release new album

Janet Jackson is reportedly set to release a new album after six years. Her last one, Discipline, came out in 2008. The singer will pay tribute to her late brother Michael Jackson, with plans to cover one of his tracks, reports “The ...


Janet Jackson, bientôt égérie Balmain ?

Alors, Janet Jackson va-t-elle rejoindre la team des muses d'Olivier Rousteing. A 28 ans, le directeur artistique de Balmain sait s'entourer et ses créations sont plébiscitées par les plus grandes stars. Parmi les visages de la marque, Rihanna qui n ...



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Janet Jackson Duluth, MN  
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janet jackson Pittsburgh, PA  


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Janet Jackson Brugge en omgeving, België Animation  


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