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Barrack Obama (België)

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Foto Naam Plaats  
Barrack Obama New York, NY  
Barrack Obama Petaling Jaya, Malaysia  
Barrack Honolulu, HA  
Barrack Omondi Kenya  
Barrack Alaina Kalimantan Selatan, Indonesia  
Barrack AlYaseen South Surra  
Barrack Obaga Kenya  
Barrack Zein Indonesia  
Barrack Oliu Nigeria  
Barrack Romen Lagos, 05  


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Eerste 10 resultaten

Barrack Obama'dan IŞİD'e karşı ortak çaba çağrısı

Obama, tatilini geçirdiği Martha's Vineyard adasında, Foley'nin IŞİD tarafından infazıyla ilgili kamaralar karşısında açıklamalarda bulundu."Bugün tüm dünya, Jim Foley'nin terör örgütü IŞİD tarafından vahşice öldürülmesinden dehşete düştü" diyen Obama, ...


Why Barrack Obama is pitching for Africa's youth

Kenya: The US- Africa Leaders Summit ended in the American capital after a historic gathering billed the biggest ever get-together. African leaders came in good numbers - the young, the middle-aged, the old, and the dictators alike - to try and pitch ...


US to boost security assistance to Africa: Barrack Obama

Washington: President Barack Obama has said the US will step up its support for African countries in building strong and professional security forces capable of confronting threats of terrorism and conducting dangerous peacekeeping missions. Marking ...


Barrack Obama urges Iraqi PM-designate to form inclusive govt

Washington: US President Barack Obama Monday urged Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi to form an inclusive cabinet as quickly as possible. “Earlier today (Monday), Vice President (Joe) Biden and I called Dr. Abadi to congratulate him and to ...


No country would tolerate terror attacks on it: Barrack Obama

Washington: Strongly defending US' ally Israel, President Barack Obama has said no country would tolerate launching of rockets and terror attacks on its cities, as he called for the extension of a ceasefire in Gaza. “I have no sympathy for Hamas. I ...


Justin Bieber Tantang Barrack Obama Siram Air Es, Los Angeles Saat ini, para selebriti Hollywood sedang beramai-ramai mengikuti kampanye bernama `ALS Ice Bucket Challenge`. Kampanye itu ditujukan untuk menggalang dana bagi para penderita kanker. Setiap orang yang menantang ...


Barrack Obama Celebrated 46th Moon Walk Anniversary.

Barrack Obama met two of those 11 Apollo members to celebrate 45th anniversary of the first moon walk. President arranges a private meeting with the wives of members who are no longer in this world. article-2193587-14B1483A000005DC-914_634x607 ...


Barrack Obama To Make Unlocking Of Cell Phone Legal; 'Unlocking Consumer ...

President Barrack Obama will make unlocking of cell phones legal as he vowed to approve a bill allowing users to switch carriers, L. A. Times reported. The bill, otherwise known as "Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act," which was ...


(Photo : Elise Amendola)

Ice Bucket Challenge: Awareness Campaign For ALS Disease Reaches Barrack Obama; US President Declines Says He'll Donate Cash Instead; National ALS Association Raised $2.3M Since Challenge Started. BY P Tuason | Aug 13, 2014 08:28 AM EDT ...


George W Bush takes Ice Bucket Challenge, nominates Bill Clinton

The “Bieb” as he is known by his fans nominated President Barrack Obama. However, it isn't clear if the sitting president will take the challenge. Worldwide, groups supporting ALS are reporting an increase in donations following notable people ...



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Foto Naam Plaats  


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